Company profile of hylux technlogy Corporation Ltd
Date : 2021-12-04 Source : Hylux Hits :

  Hylux Technlolgy Corporation Ltd is a professional HID Ballast manufacturer in Asia, our German R&D team design the Asic chipset which is made from 6 inch wafer to create a powerful technology and top quality HID ballast, besides, Hylux's production line have the complete functions test equipments to ensure that every ballast is conform to international quality level, therefore even the month's yield is over 160,000pcs,but we still keep all ballasts in high quality level. In order to provide a high quality but inexpensive products.

  Hylux has many long-term and stable cooperation agents in territories of Mainland China、Russia、Ukraine、Japan、Singapore、Taiwan、USA、India、etc… …

  From 2007 year, we start working with "Philips", and we guarantee the failure rate of the ballast is under 0.5% in the first year. In the year2011,Philips expand the use of Hylux slim ballast and put Philips trademark on the product, so that Huylux ballasts are widely used in all kinds of high, middle and low vehicle. So far, Hylux has sold over 7,000,000pcs ballast all over the world.

  In addition, in order to meet the different customers' need in HID market

  A.  Hylux has very popular items: D5A and D6A, they are lamp and ballast in one item, smaller size, very convenient for installment, good heat radiation.  D6A can be used for the cars with D1S, D2S, D3S, D4S, D8S, D9S… Only Philips and Hylux can produce this kind of products, can meet the requirement of car factory.

  B.  Hylux has many years experience in producing high-end A series products, with its high quality and strict adherence to the production testing process.

       From 2013 year, Hylux improvement the ballast, customers used first year within the defect rate from 0.5% reduce 0.05% ~ 0.08%,promote the best quality.

  C.  Hylux release new high-quality but inexpensive and competitive K Series ballast

       so that the K series ballast quality is better than similar products of domestic well-known brand competitors.

  D. Hylux release DC35: pls use DC bulbs